Monday, July 21, 2008


As your portrait is drawn on the universe
The paint is only slightly mine
Yet the words, the feelings
Wondrously divine

May each moment of your life
Each and every year
Bring quiet whispers of
Music, only you can hear

Sounds of joy and happiness
Chords of magic from the skies
Imagine what you can see and feel
When you simply close your eyes. . . .

Bob Bevard 7-13-2008
copyright 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

Watch and Listen

Rub your eyes
Close them tight
Watch the black
Swirl in light

Colors-Beauteous colors
The day-full of promise
Begins to unfold

Listen carefully
Hear the rainbow play
Know that you are special
Each and every day...

Bob Bevard 4-03-08
copyright 2008


In a very rare while
There is a smile


My luck
Caught with a glance
On that special day -A smile

Which started to dance

That smile
Oh so coy
Hinted, barely hinted

At wonder and joy

Bob Bevard 3-10-2008
copyright 2008

Days & Knights

There are days
There are Knights
There are wonders
There are delights

Sand, water, and poetry
Images full of magical flair
Unwrap your present slowly
Interesting friend-so very rare

Bob Bevard
copyright 3-03-08

Words are the way...

Words are the way
To share
To play
To know

Eloquence comes
Knowledge flows
Language dances
Connection grows

Inhale the essence
Feel the bubbles
Taste the presence
See the rainbow

Touch the universe
Catch the star
Dance with the moonbeams
Here we are...


Bob Bevard
copyright 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Woodlands

The woods are dark green,
The lake is beautiful blue,
Observe carefully,
In the mist: A rainbow hue.

Relax, enjoy,
Show them how it is done,
You are the Goddess and I give to you-
Mist, a rainbow, and the sun...

RJB 9-14-2004

copyright 2008 by Bob Bevard

A Song For You

I wanted to write a song for you
A song to celebrate the first time that I saw you
A song that acknowledges your voice
A song that recalls your laugh

I wanted to write a song for you
A song that somehow creates images-images of the joy deep within
A song that shares with the universe
The very specialness that is so uniquely, specially you

I wanted to write a song for you
A song that begins to tell you what I felt and saw
Things that are not necessarily understood by the rest
But our universe is infinitely better

I wanted to write a song for you
I put in words like serenity, beauty, natural, sparkling
I added thoughts like wit, charm, delight, tenderness
I swirled it full of feelings like joy, caring, wonderment

I wanted to write a song for you
A song to be sung for another thousand summers
A song to be played for a million adventures
A song to tell you how much you are loved

I wanted to write a song for you
So I put words on paper
Words with meaning not rhyme
And I ask you to add the music...

RJB 10/18/2004

copyright 2008 by Bob Bevard