Friday, May 2, 2008

Watch and Listen

Rub your eyes
Close them tight
Watch the black
Swirl in light

Colors-Beauteous colors
The day-full of promise
Begins to unfold

Listen carefully
Hear the rainbow play
Know that you are special
Each and every day...

Bob Bevard 4-03-08
copyright 2008


In a very rare while
There is a smile


My luck
Caught with a glance
On that special day -A smile

Which started to dance

That smile
Oh so coy
Hinted, barely hinted

At wonder and joy

Bob Bevard 3-10-2008
copyright 2008

Days & Knights

There are days
There are Knights
There are wonders
There are delights

Sand, water, and poetry
Images full of magical flair
Unwrap your present slowly
Interesting friend-so very rare

Bob Bevard
copyright 3-03-08

Words are the way...

Words are the way
To share
To play
To know

Eloquence comes
Knowledge flows
Language dances
Connection grows

Inhale the essence
Feel the bubbles
Taste the presence
See the rainbow

Touch the universe
Catch the star
Dance with the moonbeams
Here we are...


Bob Bevard
copyright 2008