Tuesday, September 18, 2007

World Changing

When I hear your laugh
When I feel your smile
When I play with your mind
When I know the warm

The warm, the warm
That makes her, her
The World-My World
Is a better place

The dreams
The work
The care
The love

Things that are needed
The necessary things
To make My World-The World
She freely gives

Our minds play
Our minds consider
Our minds ponder and dance

When this happens
When we truly share
I wonder about the ways
The World changes Her World

Copyright ©2007 Bob Bevard

Monday, September 17, 2007

Little Easy

I wander through New Orleans
A City I have known
A place I have played
A place I have loved

The City takes me by the hand
She leads me through
The Quarter, The Marina
And more, much more

I taste the delectable
I sip the nectar
I listen to the music
I see the beauteous artwork

I view what is left
And what is not
I wonder, wonder Why?
Why bother, why try?

The City isn't there anymore
But it is...
I will keep coming back
To have the City take me by the hand

To wander through New Orleans
To play
To love
To watch and to see

How they bother
How they try
To make the Place That Care Forgot
Live, Play, Love, Sing, and Dance

As I wander through New Orleans
I understand-Care Remembers
I know-if I can wander through
New Orleans is!

BB 9-05-2007
Copyright ©2007 Bob Bevard

Forever Friend

I hear her voice,
I know she is hard at work.
She hears my voice,
I feel her smile.

That special smile,
Which began oh-so-long ago,
And oh-so-far away,
Yet still, in an instant, it is mine.

I listen to her words,
My mind dances with her thoughts,
She knows...
I begin to understand

That special smile
Her heart,
Her warmth,
Her spirit,

My joy

Bob Bevard
8-29-2007 2:34 a.m.

Copyright ©2007 Bob Bevard