Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Interviewing? Dr. Jekyll?

You Hired Dr. Jekyll but Mr. Hyde showed up to work?

Many people who conduct interviews are never trained in the

process. The implications and risks involved in this lack

of training are enormous.

One of the biggest mistakes made by interviewers and one of

the primary reasons for the Jekyll and Hyde phenomena is

that often people ask hypothetical questions and/or use the

same old tired questions that have been asked forever. The

paradigm shift is to create and ask behavior-based


If behavior-based questions are properly constructed, most

people can answer the questions-answers which give you a

much better picture of who the candidate really is. The

principle is simple: If they have done it before, they will

likely do it again.

Behavior-based questions, if they are well written, do not

telegraph the response you want. Behavior-based questions

often begin with “tell me about a time,” “share with me a

situation,” or “give me an example of....”

An example of a good behavior-based question: “Tell me

about a time when you found it necessary to break company

policy.” There are two basic responses to this question.

The first, “Oh, I would never break company policy under any

circumstances.” The second, “Well, I remember one time when

the customer needed .... Even though I bent the rules a

little bit, I took care of the customer and solved the

problem!” Both interviewees are proud of their answers.

But which one fits your needs? In either case, the answer

to that simple behavior-based question will give you an

insight into the individual’s philosophy and method of


The more behavior-based questions asked which focus on the

specific job requirements, the better your insight into who

and what the candidates are and which one will be the best

match for the position and your organization. Additionally,

by writing and vetting the primary questions in advance, by

asking the same base list of questions of every applicant

for the position, and by taking good notes, you

significantly lower your legal exposure to EEOC claims and


High performing teams and successful organizations start by

making the right hire, the best hire possible. This begins

by using a well-structured interview process with great


Bob Bevard
Copyright 2006 by Bob Bevard

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