Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Employee Motivation?

More Than The Almighty Buck

Employee motivation studies suggest that if money is a

motivator (and that is a very big if,) it is generally only

effective for about six weeks. Granted, a salary increase or

bonus will pump up an employee’s attitude or performance for

a while. And yes, raises are important. But the raise

quickly becomes “what I’m worth,” and performance usually

reverts to the previous level.

While most employees would like more money – and could

easily find a way to use it – they are not as financially

motivated as they tell us. To be sure, there are many

workplace motivators besides “the almighty buck.” It is

important to balance rewards with results, and there are

many rewards and motivators that cost little or nothing.

Four strong motivators that consistently appear at the top

of employee wish lists are:

· Being acknowledged for things they do well;

· Feeling “in” on things;

· Challenging work; and

· Knowing management cares.

It’s no secret – people want to be appreciated, respected

and involved.

Unfortunately for many employees, the only interactions they

have with their leaders are corrective and perceived as

negative. As a leader, it is critical you make time to

solicit employees’ opinions and recognize their

accomplishments. You might think this approach would only

produce a positive response from “good” employees. Wrong!

Even “problem” employees respond to leaders who make them

feel useful and important.

Here is your challenge: Take five minutes every day to

“catch your employees doing something right.” Then, let them

know about it – recognize and acknowledge them. If you do

this in a sincere and realistic manner, your employees will

know you care, and they will appreciate the fact that you

noticed their contribution.

Those behaviors that are recognized are generally repeated.

If you want more of the appropriate behaviors, take the time

to notice with a verbal “pat on the back.” It is that

simple, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

A respected and recognized employee is usually an efficient,

happy, and committed employee!

Bob Bevard
Motivational Speaker
BB&A Seminars

Copyright 2006 by Bob Bevard

Bob Bevard
Motivational Speaker

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